Weekend Wanderings: Library Up Late

On Friday night, my girlfriend and I headed to a not-so-local library (about 40km from my house) to attend an event titled ‘Grown Up Story Time’.

I’m told the Tea Tree Gully Library does events quite regularly, and they sure do them well! When my friend forwarded the event details to me, which promised mulled wine, buttered rum, craft and stories, I could hardly stifle my excitement. Plus, it was on a Friday night which meant I could cash in one of my 627 I O U’s for a night out, while Dad stayed home on parenting duty.

I arrived a few minutes late having misread my GPS instructions and getting caught in a loop of traffic lights, with no suitable U turn facilities in sight. When I finally arrived, it  felt weird and rebellious to be walking into a library after dark. Sort of like how I imagined, as a kid, being locked in a department store overnight would feel.

Fortunately, we weren’t the only ones to happen upon this wondrous event. The place was packed, with seemingly every available chair occupied. The organisers pulled some arm chairs around the back of the crowd for us, handed over some crayons and a blank picture to colour, which we struggled to fit on the tiny table alongside our mulled and sparkling wines.

We got to work colouring and waited for the stories to begin. Two of the librarians sat at the front of the room and read from a couple of the ‘Ladybird Books‘ for adults. If you’re not familiar with these gems, they are tongue-in-cheek manuals for dealing with every-day challenges, illustrated in the traditional vintage Ladybird style. We were treated to The Hangover and The Mid Life Crisis.  We sang nursery rhymes with the words adapted, and listened to some poems with cheeky rhymes.

Our two hours of library frivolity absolutely flew by. It was a wonderful event, hosted by a great community library which seems to have an emphasis on engaging people of all ages. This is a library that is not just about books, but about community. Not just about education, but about fun.

I hope to see more libraries thinking outside of the square and engaging their communities in fun and interesting ways, like this. Thanks TTG Library!


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