The Richell Prize for Emerging Writers 2017

Just a quick update today to say, at the eleventh hour, I decided to enter my manuscript in the Richell Prize for Emerging Writers.

I decided to put myself out there, despite feeling very strongly that my work isn’t ‘right’ for this kind of competition. Australia is ripe with budding authors and I’m not at all disheartened by this. Completely the opposite in fact. It’s heartening to know that there is so much talent and passion for the arts here in Australia, and I for one am excited to see what comes out of Richell. Even if it’s not something written by me.

6 thoughts on “The Richell Prize for Emerging Writers 2017

  1. lolshelley says:

    Good luck Kirsty. I agree with what you said about how wonderful is that there are so many budding authors out there. May I also add what a wonderful group of authors there are out there helping emerging writers. I go to quite a lot of author talks and festivals and follow them on social media/email and I love how generous they are with their time, always happy to give you some tips and advice and encouragment. I met the delightful Monica McInerney yesterday at an author lunch and she chatted away with a fellow masterclasser and myself, telling us what worked for her and what didn’t, listening to what we were struggling with and encouraging it. It is such a beautiful community to belong to. The UK author Milly Johnson and I have exchanged several emails and again, loads of support. And of course there are the authors who run courses but whose mentorship runs way beyond the end of the course. I feel truly lucky that we aspiring novelists have so many of those who have already ‘done it’, cheering us along at the sidelines.

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  2. kirstyiswriting says:

    Oh yes Shelley, I completely agree! Australian authors and mentors are so incredibly generous. It just goes to show that the book industry is definitely not declining like the naysayers thought with the introduction of eBooks. Authors just become more passionate and creative. We have such a wonderful publishing and writing industry and community here. We’re all so blessed.

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  3. mariemclean says:

    Congratulations, Kirsty! I think it’s great you entered. You just never know what the publishers are looking for and it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. Good luck!


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