Poetry & Prose

What is poetry, if not the expression of ones feelings in a way that ignites feelings in another?

For the longest time, I shied away from poetry.

As a young child I loved words that rhymed. It was like this neat little trick you could play with words. Suddenly, a boring word like ‘style’ became infinitely more magical when paired with ‘smile’. I wrote lots of little poems as a child and enjoyed homework that included writing of almost any kind. But somewhere along the way I lost my nerve in poetry. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, probably sometime in later high school or even university, when ‘Poetry’ became a subject to study, rather than a fun thing to dabble in.

That was until I discovered a world of poetry on social media.

The beauty of social media is that we get the chance to experience words in their most raw and concise form. Poetry is easy to share. Its succinctness lends itself to the limited characters of Twitter, or the visual format of Instagram. Finding inspiration is easy when you know where to look. I find the likes of R.M. Drake, JM Storm and Lang Leav inspire me to not only experiment with short form prose, but to share what I’ve written as well.

By nature, I still prefer to write and read long form fiction, but now that I’ve let go of the academia of poetry I’ve opened myself up to it once again. Allowing me to experiment with words and sentence structure, sounds and rhythm. Words become playful and fun when we strip them back and let the feeling overshadow the meaning.

Now that I’ve been experimenting with poetry I have a far greater appreciation for it. I was recently gifted ‘The Nightingales are Drunk’ by Hafez and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Do you enjoy poetry and if so, is there any you can recommend me to read?

One thought on “Poetry & Prose

  1. mariemclean says:

    I think I’m a little like you – something about the way it was taught in high school didn’t endear me to poetry, yet I absolutely adored all other forms of writing. I joined a writing group last year and there are some amazingly talented poets in it, so I’m learning to appreciate it through their eyes.

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